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Tekken 7 Regional Championships – May 2017

Our first major event was held for Bandai Namco, when they brought the London Regional Championships to EXP at Swan Wharf in May 2017. With players travelling from points far across the UK, more than 300 people visited EXP that day and had exclusive early access to Tekken 7 With players travelling from points far across the… Read more »

World of Tanks Community Event – May 2017

The Community Team for Wargaming Labs approached EXP to host their community event for the World of Tanks. The World Final was being held in Moscow at the end of May and they want to create a great event in London. More than 160 community members visited EXP to play World of Tanks on PC… Read more »

Magic Madhouse Launch Party

EXP’s management team was very excited by the opportunity to bring Magic Madhouse to our games venue at Swan Wharf. When the official opening day for the new store was arranged, in August 2017, we agreed to throw a party where people could play tabletop and video games for free. As well as playing our console and… Read more »