Our Venue

Come and explore

We offer you different games zones to satisfy all tastes and fancies.

The Tabletop Games Cafe and Social Hub consists of three different areas, including sofas and coffee tables for family-friendly games, regular tables and chairs for all kinds of board games, card games or roleplaying games. Finally, we have large-surface high tables with stools that suit miniatures games.

Our library of games is varied and growing (starting at more than 150 games) and here you will also find the EXP main counter and an amazing games shop run by our partners Magic Madhouse.

The Gamers Lounge houses EXP’s games consoles, (Playstation 4 and Xbox One, plus a collection of retro gaming consoles – Nintendo and Sega machines in addition to legacy Playstation and Xbox machines).

Alongside the consoles, EXP has the Vertigo Virtual Reality Arenas, with the amazing HTC Vive equipment set up in spacious surrounds where you will get lost in immersive, exciting but safe experiences.

In the PC LAN Zone we have rows of gaming PCs with a range of games which are available to play … including the most popular FPS and MOBA games.

All our video-gaming facilities benefit from our super-fast internet connections – which means you won’t suffer any lag or “rubber banding” when you play games at EXP!