EXP opened in May 2017 with a simple per hour pricing mechanism which helped us to build a better understanding of what our customers might want. We have been listening to feedback from customers and partners and will make adjustments based on what we learn.

Tabletop Games

For tabletop games, we have adopted a table fee combined with a player fee of £1 per person. At our discretion, we may wave part of the bill where this is appropriate.

11-5pm Monday to Friday – table fee = £3 and £1 per player.
5-11pm Monday to Friday – table fee = £5 and £1 per player.
All day Saturday and Sunday – table fee = £5 and £1 per player.

Video Games

For video games, there is a simple player fee of £3.00 per hour each player.

We’re offering 2-for-1 prices Monday – Thursday 11:00am – 17:00pm!

Save money and game with us during the week!