Video games

Come for an experience


EXP’s LAN  Zone incorporates rows of modern gaming PCs Leisure networked and linked to one of the fastest internet connections in the UK. Our selection of

You can join your friends and foes alike in solo play, organised team play, battles online or on our local servers.

You might want to bring your team mates along for some practice or for the fun of defeating your enemies together. Help create a fun, exciting and competitive atmosphere whether you are participating or just spectating.

We have a selection of popular titles already loaded on the machines including FPS, Battle Strategy and MOBA games. in addition, you can log into your own accounts and download titles you want to play. Our selection of games is now growing quickly as we respond to player feedback and requests.

Gamers Lounge

In our Gamers Lounge, you will access to a great range of popular and newly-released games published through Sony’s Playstation Network, Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Valve’s Steam platform. We have a collection of the modern gaming consoles as well as many of the retro classics.

Our consoles are connected to some large screen TVs, projectors and some older TVs for that authentic retro feel.

The Gamers Lounge houses Virtual Reality Arenas, equipped with the HTC Vive. There is even enough space here for arenas and even more for special “guest events” and other activities.

All these options mean you will have the opportunity to select great games and experiences to play and enjoy with friends and competitors.