What is EXP?

EXP Leisure was, from its inception, the crazy idea of friends who are passionate about games – all kinds of games! They recognised there was no place to go where they could play all the games they loved in one place …. so they decided to create one!

This gaming venue is unique because it’s designed to satisfy all types of games communities – competitive, enthusiastic, hobbyist and casual gamers. And more, EXP Leisure covers a range of games from all points in time, from the Megadrive to the Playstation 4, from Diplomacy and Monopoly to Pokemon, Magic The Gathering and Game of Thrones games. We even have the most up to date virtual reality arenas in place!

In addition to social and competitive games sessions, we are hosting events with partners for many of the most popular games – including tournaments, themed evenings, talks, exhibitions and workshops.

Whatever your tastes are, at EXP you will find a way to have fun. What’s more, you’ll be looked after by a playful team always delighted to guide you in new game experiences.

We really want to help people who know how to express themselves fully through play. We also know that some customers probably need to “reconnect” with the pleasures of play where they might have left these behind.

In addition to our games, Social Hub and EXP Cantina (with its wonderful terrace) have a great view of the river and we serve delicious food, snacks, local beers, cider and wine.